BioSculpture Nails

Cruelty Free, Vegan, 5-star Safety

I love that this is a more natural way to get beautiful nails that look absolutely amazing and are so strong!

What is Bio Sculpture Gel

Bio Sculpture gel is actually the original soak-off colour gel nail system. It gives you the healthiest manicure with breathable products and the same gorgeous results. It promotes natural growth while providing strong nails that last.

Bio Sculpture nails don’t crack or splinter because it’s flexible. They don’t cause fungus or nail mold. Our products have undergone stringent clinical testing and have received 5 star safety ratings.

These are better than Gel Nails!

Affordable & Beautiful!


  • A new set of BioSculpture Nails is only $79
  • Receive a fill for only $57
  • Overlays are $55
  • Removals only $40


  • A new set for only $45
  • Fill for only $40

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Sometimes a nice set of nails just makes you feel ‘polished’.