Our facials will leave you with weeks of results!

I went in for a microdermabrasion and I received great service! I felt they genuinely care about making you look and feel better inside and out!”  ~Kyla M.

Facial Options at a glance:

See below for pricing and more details.

• Himalayan Salt Facial w/ LED light therapy

• Trio Facial

• Microdermagbrasion

• Enzyme Peel with Oxygen Blast

• Pure Marine Collagen Facial

• Diamond Experience Oxygen Facial

Walk in with dull, dry skin, and walk out with dewy, hydrated, GLOWING skin!

Relax, enjoy and see lasting results!

Odette’s Facials

Himalayan Salt Facial w/ LED light therapy
$179 – 45 mins
Includes mini microdermabrasion OR himalayan salt scrub, and LED light therapy and ultra sound.
BENEFITS: exfoliation (microdermabrasion) for smoother and brighter skin and better product penetration, LED light therapy for acne,  brown spots, redness, rosacea, photo aging etc), ultra sound to penetrate vitamins deeply within the skin which stimulates lifting, brightening and evening complexion.

Trio Facial – 45 mins
Brightening – $203; Anti-Aging – $254
We have combined THE most beneficial treatments and created a super result facial!
Includes mini microdermabrasion for exfoliation, smoothing & brightening the skin, and better product penetration, endermologie “glow” facial for oxygenating, lifting, increasing collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, circulation and an AHA chemical peel (brightening facial) OR an AFA chemical peel (intense anti-aging facial) for chemical exfoliation, brightening, lifting and improving hydration within the skin. (AFA will deliver more results than AHA, but might leave your skin appearing flaky for up to one week.)

Microdermabrasion – $120 – 45 mins

add on AHA chemical peel – $39
add on AFA chemical peel – $150
At Odette’s our microdermabrasion treatments come with a twist! Pure, alive, marine collagen molecules penetrating as deep as an injection (with no injection), and Hyaluronic Acid Serum penetrating to three different skin depths for maximum hydration! These products, in conjunction with the microdermabrasion service, which sloughs the superficial layers of dead skin off of the surface of the skin to improve product penetration, brighten, lighten and even the complexion of the skin. 


Enzyme Peel with Oxygen BLAST
$100 – 30 min
Gently PEEL away the dead skin and then OXYGENATE for improved complexion and brightness! In conjunction with this, the oxygenation of the high frequency machine emitting ozone when coming in contact with the air stimulates your skins natural exfoliation cycle, helping the exfoliation segment of this facial to be even more effective, with longer lasting results. The high frequency machine also kills acne bacteria, and can be used to aid healing of the skin.

Pure Marine Collagen Facial
$120 – 45 mins
Penetrate live molecules of collagen and elastin into the deepest layers of your skin for an effective PLUMPING and HYDRATING relaxation facial. Facial protocol will be determined based on clients skin care needs.

Diamond Experience Oxygen Facial
$150 – 60 mins
This treatment begins with Diamond tip microdermabrasion which is effective in removing dead layers of skin that can create a dull, crepy and tired looking skin. The oxygenation of the high frequency machine and our signature oxygen mask stimulates your skin’s natural exfoliation cycle, increasing the effects of the diamond tip microdermabrasion. The high frequency machine also kills acne bacteria, or be used to aid healing of the skin and penetrating nourishment into the skin.

Beautiful skin doesn’t come from makeup, it comes from a GREAT FACIAL.